Face Masks - Face Coverings

Looking for an eco-friendly, reusable face mask? 
Welcome to my collection of handmade face masks. I use 3 layers of 100% cotton fabric, shaped to fit the nose and mouth area. With an aluminium nose wire and adjustable elastic ear loops for a snug fit. Place on the face and mould the nose piece to across the bridge of the nose, then adjust the elastic ear loops by sliding the beads along.  Please DO NOT fold the mask in half as this may result in the nose wire snapping.
My masks are designed for multiple wear and should be machine washed regularly. The beads may fade through washing.
Adult size is generally a good fit for both men, women and teenagers.  
Child masks are 2 sizes, small for children young children from about 4 years and large from about 9 years. 
Please refer to product descriptions for measurements.
Face coverings should not be used by children under the age of 3 or those who may find it difficult to manage them correctly. For example, primary age children unassisted, or those with respiratory conditions. 

These face masks are for non-surgical purposes only. They are good to wear if you're heading to your local shop, travelling to work on public transport or going for a walk in a public place. But you should be sure to wash your hands before putting the face mask on, before removing it and after you have taken it off.

Read the government's advice on face masks in full here.

Face masks often sell out quickly, I am working hard to fulfill orders. Please follow me on facebook where I update when new stock is added. 

Thank you