Eco-friendly food packaging for your fruit and veg


Most people believe that fruit and vegetables will stay ripe for longer when kept out of air. But your fruits and vegetables need space to breathe so storing them in plastic bags, leaving them no breathing room is not the best thing for them.

So, what can you do? Well, first of all stop using plastic bags.  You know, those flimsy plastic bags that never want to tear off the roll then end up shooting across the supermarket floor as you fight to tear them off. I think they are trying to tell us something. “We don’t want you to use us, we are no good for the environment”. Unfortunately, they are pretty much your only option when you're at the supermarket or grocery store. That's why you should take your own eco-friendly net bags.

Fruits and vegetables need to breathe, and they can't when they're cooped up in plastic screaming to be let out and allowed to breath.  When you get home just pop them in the fridge in their net bags.

Eco-friendly net bags from Jane at Home are made from natural loosely woven sinamay and have a drawstring closure. Sinamay is made with abaca yarn from banana palm, is an eco-friendly material native from Philippines. They are reusable, and lightweight yet durable, what's not to like? Pop some in your shopping bag and give those fruits and vegetables a treat.

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